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  • 雨中的记忆 Run through the rain

    She had been shopping with her Mom in Wal-Mart. She must have been 6 years old, this beautiful brown haired, freckle-faced image of innocenc详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-12 09:51:31
  • The unseen power of love 无形的爱的力量

    I will greet this day with love in my heart.我要用全身心的爱来迎接今天。For this is the greatest secret of success in all ventures. Muscle c详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-11 09:40:24
  • 你生活中的人们

    People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each per详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-10 09:09:55
  • 生活的忠告

    I'll give you some advice about life. 给你生活的忠告Eat more roughage; 多吃些粗粮;Do more than others expect you to do and do it pains; 详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-09 09:01:05
  • 爱情的世界很大也很小

    The love world is big, which can hold hundreds of disappointments;
    the love world is small which is crowded even with three people inside. 详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-08 09:10:50
  • 你见过那棵树吗

    Have You Seen the Tree你见过那棵树吗My neighbor Mrs. Gargan first told me about it."Have you seen the tree?" she asked as I was sitting in t详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-07 09:09:47
  • 愿得一人心,白首不分离

    One warm evening many years ago…犹记得多年前,那个让人暖心的夜晚After spending nearly every waking minute with Angel for eight straight days,详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-06 08:59:06
  • 我的生活,充满魔法

    When I was younger I was entranced with stories of magic. I devoured books where wizards and warriors battled the powers of darkness in stra详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-05 08:55:30
  • 别把过去的失败当成常态

    As a man was passing the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-04 08:56:00
  • 坚强,有时是迫不得已

    Change is considerably easier when you have a full complement of supporting partners and unlimited resources. But, since very often it is th详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-03 08:39:32
  • 最好的圣诞礼物

    I have received many Christmas gifts over the years. The best gift I ever received was presented to me by a stranger. I never even knew his 详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-02 08:27:46
  • 这就是信仰的力量

    As we slowly drove down the street on that cold December evening we spotted the porch light. "This must be the house." I told our "Positive 详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-01 10:45:11
  • 想逃离现在的生活追寻自由

    Have you ever gone on vacation and said to yourself, “I could live here?” On a trip to Jamaica, Kalisa Martin entertained that idea —and 详情>>

    更新时间:2017-02-01 09:03:12
  • 我决定从此过上幸福的生活

    It was many years ago. I was a young dad sitting on the couch reading a fairy tale to my little girl. She sat next to me with her head on my详情>>

    更新时间:2017-01-31 08:52:20
  • 在狗狗眼里,人类是不老的神?

    What If Dogs Think We Are Immortal?如果在狗狗眼里,人类是不老的神会怎么样?Someone posted that concept on Tumblr, and the responses that came in详情>>

    更新时间:2017-01-30 08:54:09
  • 把时间看做投资,生活就不一样了

    Think of how stingy you are with your money: if someone on the street asks for $10, you're not giving it to them. There's no way you详情>>

    更新时间:2017-01-28 10:47:07
  • 我结婚了,但是并不快乐

    I got married when I was 23 years old, and for a while I was unhappy. I couldn't break up our marriage cuz I had always believed divorce详情>>

    更新时间:2017-01-28 10:40:10
  • 你要成为自己的那道光

    Have you ever been around someone who immediately put you at ease? Perhaps you may be one of those people who others feel safe around.有没有详情>>

    更新时间:2017-01-27 09:21:29
  • 做你自己 Do something for yourself

    As a little boy, there was nothing I liked better than Sunday aftemoons at my grandfather's farm in western Pennsylvania. Surrounded by 详情>>

    更新时间:2017-01-26 10:45:19
  • 生命中的四位爱人 Four wives in our lives

    In former days, there was a wealthy merchant, who owned billion acres of fertile land, a considerable sum of property, and multiple compound详情>>

    更新时间:2017-01-25 09:02:28